Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist is another puzzle game featured by our website which can be called a new clone of Text Twist 2 but it is still very interesting and addictive. The game was created in 2020 for android platforms but now it is also available to play through browser on your PC at our website. Let me give you the basic rules of the game so you can better understand it. Amazing Word Twist is a game where you have to make up words using the letters given. The more letters you use - the more points you will get. I know that making words consisting from three letters is much easy than making a more complex words but that's the clue - the more you play this game, the more rich your vocabulary becomes. If you are searching a great educational game for your kids to test their word skills, Amazing Word Twist is a great choice.

The gameplay is simple - you just click the letters and then click Enter button. If your choice is right, the word will appear on the stage and you will be granted points for unlocking it. If you are stuck you can always click the Twist button so the letters will change their places. Another useful tool is called Hint. If you click the button, you can unlock one letter in the word on the board, sometimes that helps a lot. Enjoy the full version of Amazing Word Twist for free at our website.

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