The Impossible Quiz

Even though that our website is dedicated to the Text Twist 2 and other word games, I would like to recommend an awesome quiz game which was created more than 10 years ago but it is still very popular. If you have never played this game before you will get a lot of positive emotions right now. The game is called The Impossible Quiz and in fact it is one of the most tricky quiz games I have ever played. Trust me, 99% of people can't even answer first 5 questions of the game and that's not because the game have very difficult questions based on science or something like this - that's because the questions are made in such a funny and pranky manner that you just click the wrong answer every time you think that you know the right answer.

The game is a unique mixture of traditional quiz game and a prank game where your main rule is to think outside the box. The idea is not to take the questions too seriously and answer in a funny manner. The Impossible Quiz has more than 100 questions and believe me that no one can answer all of them without cheats. Some of the questions are so tricky that the answer is hidden, while some questions will force you to make some actions to reveal the answer. I hope that you will enjoy The Impossible Quiz just like thousands of people enjoy it every day on various platforms all around the world.

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