Text Twist 2

Enjoy the best educational game where you have to make up as many words as you can with the letters given before the time runs out.

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Text Twist 2 - Basic Information ?

Text Twist 2

The world of games is expanding day by day as the new types and categories of games appear on the market. But there is one category of games which is eternal - the category of word games. Those games are build to enrich your vocabulary in a funny way and in my opinion, Text Twist 2 is one of the best example of such games. The game was created in 2011 year and still is as actual as ten years ago because it has everything you need to have fun and at the same time raise your knowledge of words. Our website is dedicated to the second edition of the game which is the latest one - the first version of the game is also pretty good but had a bit poor graphics and used out-dated platforms.

Even though that there are a lot of similar word games available today, there are several benefits of playing Text Twist 2 and I will try to review every aspect of them. The game has several game modes to make the education more funny - for example you can challenge yourself in making words with timer on - the first tries can be unsuccessful but later you will gain the experience and become better at this type of mode. You should also know that the game is available for free and does not require any additional charges to enjoy all features.

Gameplay & Controls

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The main reason why many people choose this game is the fact that it is suitable for both kids and grown-ups. The gameplay of the game is so simple that even a child can play it and that's the clue - learning for kids is not a good pastime but learning words while playing game seems like a great idea.

To play this game you have to choose the mode - Timed Mode or Untimed. In Timed Mode you will have a limited ammount of time to make up words using the letters shown on the screen. The more words you make - the higher your score will be. Keep in mind that the length of word does matter - the more letters you use to make word - the higher score you will get. When the timer goes off, all the possible combinations of words will be uncovered and you can choose what to do - quit or play one more round with new letters.

There are several features that can help you to achieve success in this game. Those are special buttons which you can notice during the game, let me provide more information about them.

[TWIST] - if you hit this button, the letters will change their spots - sometimes it is very helpful if you are stuck and can't make new words.

[LAST] - this button moves back the last word you made.

[CLEAR] - this button is used to clear the whole board from letters you typed.

[ENTER] - hit this button to submit your word. If your guess is right, the word will appear on the top and you will receive bonus points.

You keyboard buttons to make the same actions :

[Spacebar] - Twist letters.

[Enter] - Submit the word.

[Backspace] - removes last letter.

[TAB] - clear all letters.

Challenge Yourself - Achieve Better Results

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Even though that Text Twist 2 don't have many different game modes or addictive levels, it is still one of the best word games of the decade.Learning new words have never been so fun and I will teach you a very good strategy how to achieve better results. The main factor of success in this game is learning new words so you can easily challenge yourself to get higher score every single time you play it. You can also challenge your friends or classmates to have more fun. The rule that education is boring does not work in this game.

Education = Fun

The main aspect of learning language is enriching your vocabulary. To achieve this goal, you can read books or simply play this awesome game. The meaning of this words is pretty simple - every time you strike to build up new words you remember them. At the end of each round the system reveil all words which can be made using the letters on the screen. Some words may be familiar to you, while others not. If you just find the definition of unknown words in the vocabulary you will receive a huge success - both in game and in your education.

Game Platform

Cross Platform

The game is available on all platforms, including web and smartphones. You can easily download the game at your Ios or Android smartphones and play them whenever you want - it does not need internet connection. If you want to play the game online, you can easily do it at our website TextTwist2.io or many other gaming websites.

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